Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an Entrance Fee in the Full or Founding Membership Category?

There is currently NO Entrance Fee in the Full or Founding Membership Category. Furthermore, if the decision is made by Hunters Pointe  in the future to add an Entrance Fee to the Full or Founding  Membership Category, all members who joined the club under the Full or Founding Membership Category before the Entrance Fee was established would not be required to pay it.

Will there be a clubhouse spending minimum?

No. There is no plan to implement a clubhouse minimum at this time.

What is the duty of the Membership Committee?

The duty of the Hunters Pointe Golf Association Membership Committee is to design and run all member tournaments leagues and social events and to advise Hunters Pointe Golf Course on member affairs.

Is the golf course open to the public?

Yes. Hunters Pointe is a semi-private facility that is open to the public. Public golfers can enjoy 7 day advance booking priveleges.

Is the restaurant open to the public?

Yes. Swing Smokehouse is open to the public.  Many community members and local residents who are not golfers are valued and loyal customers at the Smokehouse.  We have no intention of excluding customers from the restaurant. Furthermore, traffic through the restaurant gives us the opportunity to showcase our facility to prospective members in the community.                        

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