Member Events 

Hunters Pointe is proud to host a variety of social and competitive member events, designed to appeal to golfers of all abilities. Each of the events below have a fun and unique format, theme, menu and prizes. Become an active member and support your club - sign up today! For more information or to register in person, please pay the fine people in the pro shop a visit.   

 Click Here to view or download the 2013 member events calendar.
Revised as of May 1

Men's Events

Men's Opening Field Day Cinco de Mayo Celebration! - Saturday, May 4          SIGN UP!
Format: 1, 2, 3 Net aka the Blue Ball Tournament (4-Man Teams)
Entry Fee: $30/Member

Welcome back, gentlemen! Based on the premise that most of your game’s are rustier than that decade old wedge you still keep in the bag, this tournament allows each participant to purchase up to two mulligans at check-in, with all the proceeds being awarded as a cash purse to the winning four-man team. Pinatas, ponchos and pina coladas could make things get messy!

Niagara Cup Qualifer - Saturday, June 1 & Sunday, June 2          SIGN UP!
Format: Low Gross Score (combined two-day total)
Entry Fee: $20/Member

Try out for the 2013 Niagara Cup Team. Help Hunters Pointe return to glory against other local area courses in the premier interclub tour in Niagara.

Men's Member-Guest - Saturday, July 13          SIGN UP!
Fomat: 9 Hole Scramble & 18 Hole Best Ball
Entry Fee: $250/Team

Building off of year’s of momentum, HP brings back what has become one the area’s leading golf events. By combining a unique 18-hole tournament with a 9-hole par three contest, and by offering a seemingly endless rotation of amenities and prizes, every detail surrounding the day has been designed to spoil you and your guest.

Men's Closing Field Day Quota Point Quartet - Saturday, October 12          SIGN UP!
Format: Four Man Team Quota Points
Entry Fee: $30/Member

What better way to bid adieu to the 2013 golf season then with your favourite foursome? Points are awarded for eagles (8), birdies (4), pars (2) and bogeys (1) in this cumulative team competition. Don't forget your calculator as we wave goodbye to another season. 

Ladies Events

Ladies Opening Field Day Cinco de Mayo Celebration! - Saturday, May 4          SIGN UP!
Format: 1, 2, 3 Net aka the Pink Ball Tournament (4-Lady Teams)
Entry Fee: $30/Member

Ladies, come celebrate the arrival of a new golf season by participating in our first themed tournament. In addition to being handicapped, the format allows each participant to purchase up to two mulligans at check-in, with all the proceeds being awarded as a cash purse to the winning four-lady team. And they say pink is a girl's best friend. Did we mention pinatas, ponchos and pina coladas?

Ladies Member-Guest - Saturday, July 20          SIGN UP!
Format: Two Lady Best Ball
Entry Fee: $200/2 Lady Team

In true red carpet form, you and a guest will bask in the delights of a glamourized golf and dining experience. Not only will you be swimming in swag just for attending, but you and your partner could take home an extensive array of jaw-dropping prizes. This is truly an A-List event that should not be missed.

Ladies Closing Field Day Quota Point Quartet - Saturday, October 12          SIGN UP!
Format: Four Lady Team Quota Points
Entry Fee: $30/Member

In the 2013 ladies section finale, teams of four battle for quota points. Points are awarded for eagles (8), birdies (5), pars (3), bogeys (2) and doubles (1). Pair up with your three best friends - make sure one of them has a degree in arithmetic. 

Mixed Events

Summer Scramble New Event! - Sunday, June 2          SIGN UP!
Format: Killer Scramble (Par 3 Madness)
Entry Fee: $30/Member

Summer time and the living is easy. With multiple pins to attack on each par three, teams of four will embark on a sun soaked course in this rule-breaking mixed event. Grab a cold one and a bottle of sunscreen because both the temperature and scores will be red hot.

Breast Balls Tournament - Sunday, June 30          SIGN UP!
Format: Two Person Breast Ball
Entry Fee: $20/Member (Cash Only)

While the name of this mixed event may raise some eyebrows, its intention is nothing short of sincere. Breast Balls has become a mainstay in the Hunters Pointe event calendar for the past several years. Proceeds are raised annually to help support both breast and prostate cancer research in this charitable golf tournament. Don't forget to wear your colours!

Club Championships - Saturday, August 3 - Monday, August 5          SIGN UP!
Format: Low Gross Score/Flights
Entry Fee: $20/Member

The pinnacle of the Hunters Pointe event calendar has been crafted to distinguish the select few who demonstrate the physical and mental prowess necessary to be deemed a Champion. By dividing each entrant into their respective flight, the only thing left standing between you, the coveted championship fedora and  golf immortality, are your nerves and rivals. All members family and friends are welcome to attend the final round BBQ and witness the historic finishing hole.

Senior Club Championships - Saturday, August 10 - Sunday, August 11          SIGN UP!
Format: Low Gross Score/Flights
Entry Fee: $20/Member

Hunters Pointe is proud to welcome back the Senior Club Championships to its event calendar in 2013. By hosting the two-day tournament on a separate weekend, members can now participate in both their regular and senior flight.

Tombstone Tournament - Sunday, September 1          SIGN UP!
Entry Fee: $20/Member (Cash Only)

Recognized as one of the most entertaining formats of the year, the Tombstone style of play allows teams of two a specific  amount of strokes - based on your handicap - to maneuver around the course with. ‘Survive’ the longest and be declared the winner.






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