“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented”
- Arnold Palmer

Hunters Pointe has become a prt of the Gary Bos Golf Academy for the 2011 Golf Season. Founded in 2007, the Gary Bos Golf Academy will begin it’s 5th successful year of operation in 2011. Offering a number of instructional programs for golf enthusiasts of all ages, the Academy specializes in ‘CN Future Links’ Junior Golf Camps & Clinics, Junior Coaching Programs & Ladies Drive, Chip & Putt Golf Schools.

The GBGA is a Certified Golf Development Center recognized by the GAO (Golf Association of Ontario) whose philosophy is that every golfer has a swing that is uniquely their own, and with the proper guidance and training, those unique and individual characteristics can be fully utilized to allow each student the ability to reach their own golfing potential.

The Gary Bos Golf Academy Includes:
1. Hunters Pointe Golf Course
2. Sparrow Lakes Golf Course
3. Westport Golf and Practice Facility


  Gary Bos - CPGA Head Teaching Professional
Having worked in the golf industry since the age of 16, Gary made the decision to turn professional in 1998 and then later became a Class 'A' member of the Canadian Professional Golfer's Association
 in 2003. He has now been teaching golf at a high level for over 14 years. lessons@garybos.com
  Sean Scott - CPGA Professional
Sean completed his Business Administration - Professional Golf Management Diploma at Niagara College where he was also a member of the Championship winning golf team. He decided to become a Golf Professional in 2006 and has worked at several golf clubs in the Niagara Region. seanscottcpga@gmail.com
  Chris Poulouski - CPGA Professional
Having joined the Canadian PGA in 1994 as an apprentice, he attained his Class 'A' status in 2003. Chris' teaching career includes 12 years at Lookout Point as well as 1 year as the Head Teaching Professional at The Grand Niagara Resort in 2007. In 2008, Chris was recruited to be the Lead Staff Instructor of the Bill Madonna Golf Academy.
  Kris McGowan - PGA Professional
Kris began his golfing life at the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland. He had a very successful amateur career, including being the club champion at the Thornton golf club for 4 consecutive years, where he still holds the course record of 61 (9 under par). Kris turned pro at the age of 21 years and became a fully qualified PGA Member at the age of 24. During his PGA training, he receive the Young Professional of the Year Award for 3 consecutive years.
  Dean Jackson - CPGA Professional
At 21, Dean received his designation as a Class A Professional from the Canadian Professional Golfer’s Association (CPGA). Since then he has been a member of the Canadian Long Drive Team - finishing 5th in the world. Dean has been teaching for close to 15 years and has also assisted in teaching the University of Western Women’s Golf Team. 

Lesson Plans

Type of Instruction  Description 
Adult / Junior Private Instruction Available for men, women and juniors at the introductory, intermediate or advanced levels. Private Instruction is available in 30, 60 or 120 minute sessions, as well as, in a series of 1, 3, 5,or 10 lesson packages. All lesson series and packages may be customized to meet your specific goals.
Ladies Golf Schools A five week program focusing on driving, chipping and putting. Specifically designed for both beginner & intermediate golfers, these schools are perfect for anyone looking for an introduction to golf or for an early to mid season refresher on the most important parts of the game. Focusing on the three key scoring areas, all ladies will experience a video analysis of their swing.
Junior Clinic A 12 week clinic offered in conjunction with the CN Future Links Program. CN Future Links gives children ages 6-18 the chance to enjoy and learn the game of golf via affordable and accessible programs that align and support the principles of golf’s long-term player development guide, which has been endorsed by Sport Canada.
Junior Golf Camp  A 5 day camp offered in conjunction with the CN Future Links Program. The camp runs Monday -Friday beginning at 9am daily and includes lunck, snack, refreshments, CPGA Professional Instruction, gifts, prizes and more.
Junior Coaching Offered for Juniors Aged 9-13 as an introductory program for skilled junior players. The program introduces the world of competative golf and focuses on developing the neccesary skills both on-course and off the golf course. The program is also offered for Juniors aged 13-16 as a next step in the coaching stream, included in this program is information on tournament scheduling, practice planning, nutrition, physical conditioning and more. 
Semi-Private Group Instruction Similar to the Adult Private Instruction this program allows you to experience gofl as a couple or group. Valid for a minimum of 2-students, semi private lessons are 60 minutes in length. 

** For more information on lesson plans please contact the Pro Shop at 1.905.714.4659 x 1, visit www.garybos.com or contact Gary Bos Directly by email at lessons@garybos.com.  






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